A Short Visit to Rota
Song Song - The Main Village of Rota

 Rota is a great place to visit for many reasons.  Friendly people, historic sites, beautiful scenery, empty beaches, diving....
  I only had a short visit and missed seeing some great stuff - more reason to return sometime. 
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Sugar Mill Site
Before WWII, the Japanese sugar industry dominated Tinian, Saipan, and Rota, covering much of the islands with sugar cane fields, processing facilities, railroads,and facilities for thousands of imported laborers.  Today, there is little physical evidence of this large industry, and Rota has some of the best remnants.  They have developed a park-like area at the ruins of the sugar mill. 
A brick building is an unusual sight
in the Marianas.
Built like a fortress.The target of multiple attacks after the
US captured the nearby islands. 
  Locomotive used to haul sugar cane. 


View From The Hotel
From the grounds of the Hotel Valentino.


Tonga Cave
Right on the edge of town, but it feels isolated.  Eerie and beautiful.


Around Town 
It's a great place to walk and see the sights.
 Plaza Japanese beach defense.   


Along The South Coast
It took a long time to drive a short distance.  Everywhere you look, there's another great view calling you to pull over and enjoy.
Like a tunnel.Through this area, the road is one lane cut
 out of the cliff high above the water.
Japanese gun.  It still swivels easily, but
blocks the road unless pushed back.


Taga Latte Stone Quarry
Giant Latte stones were quarried from hard coral using only hand tools.  How did they move them?
   The statue is Chief Taga.


Beach Views 


As Matmos Fishing Cliff
The pounding of the waves feels like a small earthquake.


Tatachog Rectory Ruins
Another quiet, deserted place that feels a little eerie.


Around The Island
Welcome sign at the airport.Ancient Chamorro Latte site.Latte site.Armed forces memorial.
Many of these small concrete
 relics around the island.
BackroadsAnother locomotive, at the ruins of a
train station/loading platform.
In the middle of nowhere,
 it took a while to find.
Strange flower.Japanese gun.View from gun cave.Japanese cave.
Peace memorial on top
of the mountain.
Aircraft engines on display
at the airport.
Anti-aircraft gun.Goodbye to beautiful Rota.


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