Chuuk, Pt. 2
Xavier High School.  Well known throughout the islands, this Catholic school has turned out numerous leaders of Micronesia.

These sturdy concrete structures survived the air attacks on Chuuk, including a direct bomb hit to the roof, covered with the concrete patch shown above.
Originally the Japanese communication center, the buildings still have the original steel shutters on the windows. 

Not many high schools can boast of a view as spectacular as this.

The Japanese lighthouse.  The road up the hill to the lighthouse was closed, so we were not able to see it up close.

Items recovered from ships sunk in the lagoon.

On the way back to the resort, we drove by the Chuuk Star Hotel, located by the airport.  Now closed, it seems to be a symbol of the economic troubles affecting Chuuk.  I hope there are better days ahead for this island and the people here.
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