Then and Now, Part 5


The house we lived in by the old high school.  I believe we were the first residents.  In the 1960s photo on the left, the windows are boarded up because of a nearby typhoon (it missed Yap.)  The jeep was purchased on Saipan, and went with us to Truk and Yap.  In the 2005 photo on the right, the house is now occupied by a family from Yap's outer islands. 

These two photos show approximately the same view of the housing area we lived in, 40 years apart.

"Rev. Kalau's Church"
Left:  How the church looked in the 1960s.  Above, the church being rebuilt in 2005, after extensive damage from Typhoon Sudal in 2004.


Hagatna.  Formerly known as Agana, the capital of Guam looks very different in these pre-war and present day views.  The city was almost completely destroyed during the invasion in 1944, and the peninsula seen in the present-day view above was created when the rubble was bulldozed into the ocean during the reconstruction.

Plaza de Espana.  In the 1944 photo, marines enjoy a brief respite from the fighting.  The ruins of Government House are visible in the background.  On the right, the same area today.
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