Saipan, Part 4

Mt. Topotchau

We were lucky enough to have a relatively clear view when we went to the highest point on the island.  You can see almost the entire island, as well as Tinian and Aguijan. 
North.  Sadly, some of the wealthier residents are putting up  large, ostentatious homes right below the summit that are spoiling the view of this beautiful peak. 
Looking east toward Kagman.
Southeast, toward the airport.Southwest, toward Chalan Kanoa.  Tinian is in the distance.

Marpi-northern Saipan

There are a number of these WWII bunkers in this area.  Some, like the one on the left, are still in use today.
Stalactite formations are visible in the cliff face.Fortification at the base of the cliffs.

Last Command PostThe new paint scheme looks like a Gateway computer box.
Suicide Cliff
This area in Marpi is overgrown with a plant called ivy gourd, which covers other plants and creates strange shapes.
Kalabera Cave
The Grotto-popular with divers.
Bird Island
Anchor from the Spanish galleon Concepcion, which sunk in a storm off Agingan in the 1600s.
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