Then and Now, Tinian-Part 2


Japanese Air Administration Building.  This building received numerous hits from American ships and planes and was gutted by fire, but the heavy concrete construction is still amazingly solid.

Left:  A lone marine walks through a battle-scarred Shinto shrine.  The remains in the photo on the right are the NKK shrine located just off Broadway, and may be the same location-many of the features corresponded to those in the wartime photo. 

Left:  Paul Metro among the wreckage of Tinian Town in 1945.  The photos show the ruins of what I believe was a bank.  1945 photos by Paul Metro.  For more of his photos, see


House of Taga, San Jose.  Here I am on a visit to Tinian, while we lived on Saipan in the early 1960's, and visiting from much further away in 2005. 

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