Then and Now, Tinian

Atomic Bomb Assembly Buildings



There were 3 assembly buildings constructed.  I do not know which buildings are shown in the above photos.  The remains in the 2005 photo on the right were the southernmost building, where the "Little Boy" bomb underwent preparation for the Hiroshima mission.

509th Composite Group Camp

The two pairs of photos above show the outdoor theater site of the 509th CG and the corresponding views today.  The area was cleared just before the 2005 anniversary ceremonies to allow the visiting veterans access.
The photo above right shows the newly cleared slab of the Quonset hut that sat to the left of the chapel, which was reportedly where many of the briefings for the 509th took place.  It may be the same site as the 1945 briefing shown in the photo, above left.

Air Operations Building

Built by the Japanese at Ushi Airfield, this was also used by the Americans as a control tower for North Field.  This is the same design the Japanese used at As Lito Field on Saipan, and also on other islands.
Left:  In this view from the other side, the Air Administration Building can be seen directly behind the operations building.  In the 2005 photo on the right, our little Toyota rental car sits in just about the same spot as the nose gear of the B-29 in the left photo.

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