Aug 6:  Mayor Borja gives a speech during the commemoration ceremonies at North Field beside bomb pit #1.  There was controversy surrounding the events due the the mayor's office decision to invite survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  There was some expectation that there might be protesters flown in for the events.  The Enola Gay crewmembers, who had previously agreed to attend, chose at the last minute not to make the trip.  The US military did not send representatives to the events.   The events went smoothly, with no conflicts arising and no protests, but there were far fewer attendees then those for the 60th commemorative events of the previous summer.
Left:  2 survivors of the USS Indianapolis, Woody James and Mike Kuryla, prepare for the wreath ceremony at the memorial to the Indianapolis.
After the morning ceremonies, we were privileged to go along on a visit to one of the bomb assembly buildings.  On the left is Leon Smith, who worked on the bombs here and was the weaponeer on the B-29 Dave's Dream during the Crossroads missions.  On the right is Prof. Anderson Giles, who was filming and interviewing Mr. Smith and many other veterans during the events.   
White Beach 1, Unai Babui, one of the 2 landing beaches used by the Marines on July 24, 1944.  Visiting these small, rocky beaches, you realize what an incredible feat it was to land 10,000 men and large amounts of equipment in one day.
Puntan Tahgong, the northern point of the island.   


The hardstand where the Enola Gay was parked after the Hiroshima mission.  This is one of the sites that had been cleared for the first time in many years so the returning veterans could view them.  The jungle will reclaim these areas in a very short time.
Japanese air administration building.
Replicas of the atomic bombs.  These were kind of hidden away by the employee housing behind the casino, probably to keep them out of sight of the Japanese tourists.
View of Tinian harbor and San Jose.

Aguijan (Goat Island), from the southern end of Tinian.

Memorial at Suicide Cliff

Tinian, Part 2
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