Tinian, Part 2

House of Taga.  Ancient latte stone site located in San Jose.

NKK sugar mill laboratory.  Above: Detail of ornamental breadfruit design on wall.
Above: View of Broadway heading north from the town.

Left:  Old church tower in San Jose.  Although only built in the 1950's, the church was structurally deteriorating and had to be torn down.

Looking downhill toward the town.
Broadway, looking north at the airport turnoff.  Mount Lasso can be seen on the horizon to the left, and Saipan to the right.
107th Seebees Monument at 8th Ave and 86th St.  The engraved map on this memorial is very detailed, and shows the WWII roads and facilities better than most maps that you can find in books. 

Japanese air rail shelters.

Traffic circle at the north end of 8th Ave.

Above and right: 509th CG outdoor theater.  Another area cleared for the events in 2005. 
Newly cleared remains of 509th CG mission briefing hut.   Above view shows walkway to chapel and chapel steps.  The snake plants are still thiving where they were planted over 60 years ago.
Base of the B-29 homing tower.
Hinode Shinto Shrine in the Broadway traffic circle. 
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