Tinian, Part 3

Army Hospital, located on Mount Lasso.  The Quonset buildings are long gone, but the roads, rock walls and sidewalks are in still in good condition.


Below:  The flagpole can still be seen where it fell.


West Field.  Another area that was opened for the 2005 events, this area just north of the present-day airport consists of taxiways, hardstands, and service areas that have been largely inaccessible for many years.  Chances are, there won't be another occasion when these areas will be as accessible as they were for this event.
504 BG camp.   Again, we were lucky enough to be invited to go along on a unique trip to one of the historic areas on Tinian.  Prof. Giles was taking a group of vets from the 504th BG on a visit to their old camp.  The camp area is now privately leased land and not open to the public.
Above: Coke and beer bottles found in the camp area.

Right:  These boxes were lined up and filled with coral to make low walls.  No one in the group remembered them or had any idea what they were for.

The 504th veterans pose for pictures by one of the old water tanks in the camp area. 

Mount Lasso

Ruins of the Japanese radar installation on the summit of Lasso. 
Sue on the radar site.
North Field today, viewed from Mount Lasso.  While little can be seen now except jungle, the huge airfield complex and supporting facilities covered this entire area.
Looking southeast, Broadway and the Japanese communication center are visible through the center of this photo.

Tinian Aerials

Long Beach, Unai Dankolo.  This was Officer's Beach during the war. 
Hinode Shinto Shrine, in the middle of the Broadway traffic circle.
View of the two recently cleared hardstands on North Field.  The far one is the Enola Gay hardstand.
This photo shows several areas of North Field.  Some of the better known sites visible from left to right are:  Runway One; service apron with air ops building, bomb group monuments, and air raid shelters; air administration building; Japanese power plant building area; bomb pits; bomb assembly building area.
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