Yap, Part 2

We owe a debt of gratitute to Peter and Esther Reichert for making arrangements for us on Yap.  Peter flies for Pacific Missionary Aviation, the organization founded by Rev. Edmund Kalau.  Esther is the daughter of Rev Kalau, so we knew her from our days of living on Yap.  She was kind enough to drive us around to see some of the sights on Yap. 
We stopped at the old high school and adjacent housing area where we lived.  This was the house we lived in 40 years before, presently occupied by a family from the outer islands of Yap. 

Just down the road from the old high school is the College of Micronesia.  The campus is built around the ruins of the old German radio station, seen here.

PMA hangar at the Yap airport.  The PMA flies to the outer islands on Yap.  We almost got a chance to go along on a quick round trip flight to Ulithi, but the seats filled up at the last minute. 

Left:  The original plane that Rev. Kalau purchased on the mainland and flew across the Pacific to start PMA in the 1970's.  It is still airworthy, but has been replaced by the Beechcraft plans seen above.

Wing tank from a B-52 used for water catchment. 

Yap airport terminal.

Gilman Beach.  We used to swim here.  At low tide, you could walk right onto the reef.
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