Yap, Part 3

Old airport.  This was the "terminal" when we lived here.  It used to have a thatched roof.
Old airport runway.  The original airfield was built by the Japanese and served as the airport into the 1970's. 
The remains of a 727 that landed short and went off the runway of the old airport.  The passengers all escaped, but the plane burned and part of the wreckage was left there.  Even at the new airport, landing on Yap is still a bit of an adventure because of the terrain and short runway.
Japanese aircraft wreck.  Might be a Zero?
Japanese "Betty" bomber.  It appears to have received a direct bomb hit that destroyed most of the aircraft, leaving the wreckage above.


Japanese Zero wreck. 

Back in Colonia, we went out looking for a stone path in town.  This gentlemen helped us find our way-wish I could remember his name. 
The traditional stone path has been carefully maintained.  It is like a peaceful walk through Yap's past.
This building now stands where O'Keefe's Oasis used to be.  It was a club where we went to movies many weekends. 
Back at the hotel, we were both worn out.  After almost three weeks of constant traveling and sightseeing, we were getting ready to head home.  We turned in early to be up in time for a 4am flight to Guam. 
Hawaii  One of our last views of the islands on the way back.
Sunset at 30,000 feet.
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